HERO TALES VOLUMR II by Dave & Neta Jackson


Don’t fuck with Me anymore, America. I’m not reading this book by myself. Anyone who remembers my deleted accounts KNOWS how much I read to my children and how powerful I am with it.

Now I read quietly at libraries. People listen to me, to my people whose books I’m privileged to read. Games over, Bitch. Solidarity is here to stay.

Ryan Goodman is Correct February 3, 2020 & So is Ilhan Omar & So Is Rihanna


The Most Serious Obstruction of All: The Vote to Block Witnesses and the Public’s Right to Know

#ThankYou @ThePlumLineGS
I have nothing to write. These two men are #Correct.


Ilhan Omar: ‘I always stand up to bullies’

I may not write, but I tweet. And truth comes forth. You need to realize that in the Tomb of Lazarus of my four twitter, exactly the correct Ones are also tweeting. Repent I say as an #Messiah who is not false.

Everybody remembers Me. I already know you’re just a Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I play your games. I serve your people, but I know truth from lies and you don’t.

Walk into the room and talk to Me. I’ll fix your bad romance every time. I’m releasing GaGa’s Video again and if you don’t understand it that’s your problem. I’m a free bitch Baby; I understand a good deal more than the Western World will ever admit.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Collected Poems 1909-1962 by TS Eliot

I am not going to explain why I have placed this owl into this particular review. The cover of the notebook I am placing my free hand art within also has an owl. Here are some owls in my room:

What I will admit is that on Twitter, a woman who is cloaked had owls as her banner. She has blocked me. Before she blocked me on several accounts, I’d purchased the notebook and tried to comfort her through a death in her family she admitted on Twitter.

I want to say this to her: I’m sorry our lives carry this burden. I’m here for you. You are the first of the nine women I was speaking about in my own hand above. I have seven daughters. You don’t know our pain as women and vice versa. But I will tell you this: there is someone whose pain is always greater than yours and I see the situation. I’m an Empath and Seer what did you expect?

I love you nonetheless and I hope someday you will decide not to be like so many around me even on Twitter. This is not good, but it is not evil either.

To everyone else who keeps a sharp eye over everything I do and you say things here and there to hurt me or use me, let me tell you the truth. It is obvious I know who I’m talking about. I’m not giving out her Twitter.

The Secret Language of Astrology by Roy Gillett


I think the greatest gift this book is giving me is a rather vast snapshot, literally and spiritually, of thousands of years and many people who have a spiritual perspective as I have and lived expressing it thus.

The idea of the histories of stories and star/planet study developed and passed through generations is quite remarkable and mysterious. This book is a great pleasure.

Thank You Jeff Tiedrich, #HarrietTubman Speaks Truth

After this incident, with her parents and others scared for her after all she had been through, Harriet told her mother not to worry; she realized she would never behave as a slave again and that her two free will choices in life were freedom or death. Harriet worked as a slave through the age of approximately 25 even with the scar from the head injury. She would fall asleep sometimes. She refused to pander to the slave “employers”, and she worked hard to stay away from recognition or the whip.

Then, right before she was sold into the Deep South, a Quaker found her, and her freedom became reality. I want to remind my readership of something about JK Rowlings’ Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone which I am reading to my youngest child to teach him about our fullest lives as spiritualists: Harry Potter has a scar. Who is Harry Potter in my line of sight? Harriet Tubman not only was Moses to her people, she is Harry Potter to us all. 

I Am the same way on a different level. You go on and don’t believe me. You’ll die the way you were apportioned and face the other side whether you believe in spirituality or not. I’m sick of a wicked ruler in the White House and in the Wall Street.

I’m sick of reading Bernie Sanders’ book Our Revolution where he pegs the Koch brothers as does this article from Smirking Chimp in a different way, below, because we all know what is truth, who are the real people, and why Donald Trump should be removed by now oh my GOD!

The Davos Set’s Most Dangerous Delusion by Conor Lynch from off Smirking Chimp which is run by Jeff Tiedrich and perhaps others, I do not know. 

JK Rowlings’ Harry Potter & The Sorcerers’ Stone from Uncovered No More

Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution from Uncovered No More

FRANK SCHAEFFER IS ANGRY ABOUT ABORTION AND EVANGELICALS, AND HE’S GETTING LOUDER and I got it from @Frank_Schaeffer and his blog along with Facebook where I passed it. Same story as the rest of this article.